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Secu a shidduch 
thugh the combined mitzvos 
of Toh and Tzedak!

Each year, Shas for Shidduchim brings together hundreds of lomdim who cumulatively learn the entire Shas in 24 hours as a z’chus for shidduchim in Klal Yisroel. Donors can sponsor dafim, mesechtos, or sedarim and submit specific names on which the lomdim will concentrate l’z’chus shidduchim.
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How It Woks

Secure a z'chus for marriage for yourself or someone you know through Shas for Shidduchim.
Shas for Shidduchim gathers hundreds of lomdim to complete Shas in 24-hours on Rosh Chodesh Shvat as a tremendous z’chus for Jewish singles to find their zivugim.
You can sponsor a daf for up to 5 people in need of a shidduch. A lomed is then assigned to learn in the z'chus of the names you submit.
The power of limud haTorah combined with the z'chus of your tzedakah acts as a powerful segulah to help bring the chuppah ever closer.
Secure Your Z'chus

Our purpos

ChesedChicago created Shas for Shidduchim as an opportunity to harness the power of limud haTorah to entreat Hashem, the Ultimate Shadchan, to direct singles to their zivugim. By undertaking the entirety of Shas within 24 hours, Yidden across the world have the chance to secure an incredible z’chus for shidduchim.
Your donation will directly help ChesedChicago’s many shidduch and wedding-related services that have been changing lives for years.

Proceeds Go Towards supporting

Consistent proactive outreach to shadchanim on behalf of singles
New kallahs with shaitels, housewares 
and furniture
Wedding hair and makeup for kallahs and their family
Shidduch events and coaching for singles in the parsha
Wedding gown gemachs for kallahs and their families

Mekoros & Endorsements

אין סגולה כתורה, הקב"ה יעזור בזכות הלימוד והתפילות שיזכו כולם לזיווגים הגונים
There is no segulah like Limud Torah, and in the z’chus of Limud Torah and tefilos, Hashem should send everyone their zivugim.
Rav Chaim Kanievsky
והמובן בזה הוא, שכל מי שמוכן להקים מעפר דל, לתמוך בתלמידי חכמים שהם בשפל המדרגה כעת, הוא זה שהקב"ה יזכהו בכל מעשיו ובכל ענייניו ובפרט בענייני זיווגי ילדיו
Anyone who is prepared to support those in poverty, Hashem will support them in their search for a shidduch.
Rav Yehuda Aszod
Talmid of the Chasam Sofer
הגימטריא של פרנסה ושלמשנה בדיוק אותו דבר כי מי שעוסק בזה זוכה לזה. כל הלימודים יוקדשו בשביל בקשת התורם הבלעדי בלבד. משנה [עם הכולל] בגמטריא זווג הגון בקרוב
Just as the gematria of “Mishna” and “parnasa” are the same to suggest that whoever learns will merit parnasa. So too, the gematria of “Mishna” and “zivug hagun bekarov” (“a fitting match soon”) are the same.
The Chida
“What greater z’chus is there than Limud HaTorah and utilizing its powers to help singles find shidduchim?”
HaRav Shmuel Fuerst
Dayan, founder of ChesedChicago, and creator of Shas for Shidduchim
Rabbinical Endorsement Letter
The Shas for Shidduchim initiative is warmly endorsed by a number of prominent Midwest Rabbanim.
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“I will definitely be happy to make another donation this year. Of the 25 names that I submitted last year, 11 got engaged, B”H! And I am getting married this week!!! Thank you so much for this special opportunity and tizku l’mitzvos!”
– Sora
“A few years ago, my sister was having trouble in shidduchim, so I sponsored a daf. She was engaged before Pesach. I hope to be able to share more good news this year.”
- Avraham K.
“I donated as a z’chus for my sister to find her shidduch. B”H, she got engaged just weeks later, shortly before Purim. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this z’chus.”
- F.C.
I’m pleased to share that this past Thursday evening I became a chosson! My kallah is extremely wonderful and kind, and I could never have wished for such a perfect match. I have tremendous hakaras hatov for Shas for Shidduchim as I have been donating for the past few years. Just like shidduchim, I recognize, sometimes it just takes time. As it is, I first met her in 2021 and that was the first year I donated to Shas for Shidduchim.
- E.L.
“I participated in the Shas for Shidduchim campaign last year, and b’chasdei Hashem, I became a kallah a week and a half ago. Oif simchos!”
- T.K.
Hi, I'm calling to donate to Shas for Shidduchim. I gave in 4 names last year, and 3 of them got engaged, so I'm calling to donate again!
- Anonymous
“I took part in Shas for Shidduchim in 2019. When I was called to take part in it the following year, I was unable to - because I was visiting my new kallah! We had each been dating for about 15-16 years.”
- Y.T.
“For the past few years, my husband has participated as a lomed. B”H, we were zoche to see all our children find their zivugim since then. One of them even went on their first date with their spouse on the night of the siyum! Thank you!”
- R.H.
“I sponsored a daf this year. Well, B”H, I became a kallah, and the day we got a yes from the other side was... you guessed it... Tu B’Shvat! On the very night that I sponsored someone’s learning, my shidduch was found!”
- T.L.
“The single I sponsored a daf in honor of is 32 years old, and he got engaged last night!”
- S.S.
“Next time, I will sponsor on behalf of my niece, who is 42 years old, as I did last year, for my 41-year-old daughter. The great news is that my daughter got engaged…and got married on TU B’SHVAT! Continue your great work.”
- Y.H.
“I wanted to let you know that I became a kallah this past Thursday night! Thank you!”
- Y.G.
“The main reason I joined in this event was for the z’chus of my friend, who is 33 years old. B”H, last night was his L’chaim. May we continue to hear good news from all the singles.”
- Z.D.
“We donated and learned a daf in the hope that our granddaughter would become a kallah. B”H, she became a kallah this week. Yasher Koach! Halevai that all the names of the list should find their zivug nachon this year.”
- E.N.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Sunday evening, January 14 - Monday, January 15, 2024
Click here for our step-by-step sponsorship form and list of sponsorship opportunities.
You can submit up to 5 names for each daf sponsored.
All proceeds benefit ChesedChicago’s matchmaking and wedding-related programs, including focused outreach to its extensive shadchan network, shidduch coaching and events, bridal gemachs, and the beautiful mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah, providing struggling young couples with the basic household goods they need to begin married life. Each of these vital services is provided at zero cost to its beneficiaries.
Click here to register
Only Hashem can guarantee a shidduch. Shas for Shidduchim gathers hundreds of lomdim to learn on behalf of singles whose names have been submitted. Combining Limud HaTorah and tzedakah is a tremendous segulah for a shidduch.
While we don’t know the exact total (since many shidduchim are unreported), ChesedChicago can proudly say that since the establishment of Shas for Shidduchim, and our shidduchim division, Simcha Link, there have been more than 320 reported shidduchim.
As per Dayan Shmuel Fuerst, maaser money may be used to sponsor a daf.

Shas for Shidduchim Jr.

On the day of Shas for Shidduchim’s massive learning initiative, our 400+ lomdim are joined by over 70 children embarking on a mission of their own.

Together, these junior lomdim work to complete all of Shisha Sidrei Mishnah within 24 hours! Learning side-by-side with our lomdim, these children’s learning contributes even more to the tremendous power of the day’s limud haTorah.
Sponsor a Junior Lomed