The search for a partner

There are few sights more heartwarming than a man and woman standing together under their chuppah, ready to begin the beautiful journey of marriage. Every day, Jewish singles around the world search for their perfect matches.

The Zchus of Limud HaTorah

On Tu B’Shvat (Monday, January 21, 2019), hundreds of lomdim will embark on a 24-hour quest to complete shas for the zchus of helping Klal Yisroel’s singles find their basherts.

All proceeds will be donated exclusively for the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah, helping ease the financial burden for kallahs.

How it works

  • Sponsor a daf

    Sponsor a daf or mesechta of learning on behalf of those you listed to find shidduchim.

  • Limud HaTorah

    A lomed receives your name(s) and learns his daf on your behalf.

  • Siyum HaShas

    Following the completion of all 2,711 blatt, a grand Siyum HaShas will be held in Chicago.

  • Hachnosos Kallah

    All proceeds will be donated to Hachnosas Kallah

Limud HaTorah, Tu B'Shvat & Shidduchim

The power of Limud HaTorah and the auspicious day of Tu B’Shvat offers many zchusim for singles looking to find their perfect match.

What greater zchus is there than Limud HaTorah and to utilize its powers to help singles find shidduchim.” – HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, Founder of the Chicago Chesed Fund, renowned Posek and Dayan

בקבלה מבואר קשר בין ט”ו באב לט”ו בשבט, וכמו שהראשון הוא יום של אהבה וזמן המסוגל
למציאת זיווג, גם ט”ו בשבט
– בן איש חי

Additional mikoros
Sponsor a daf for the zchus of finding a shidduch for yourself, friend or family member.

Sponsor a daf